Fadi Ajam

Who is Fadi Ajam

Fadi Ajam is the President and CEO of Xanatos Automotive, a growing automotive aftermarket company, based in New Hyde Park, NY.  A seasoned professional with more than 30 years of Managerial experience here in the US and abroad.

A little educational background on Fadi Ajam

Fadi was born in Btteram, Elkoura in 1965.  After High school, he left his home town to pursue University Studies here in the USA.  He graduated with post-graduate degrees in Production and Operation management and International Business.

Fadi Ajam: New York City Entrepreneur

 Fadi has a strong knowledge of the socio-economic dynamics in the Middle East and Asia, he maintain strong business and Personal contact on both markets. Fadi lives with wife and 3 Children in New York City.