Project Kics Lug Nuts, Wheel Spacers, and Hub Centric Rings


Project Kics, a product line consisting of wheel spacers, lug nuts, and hub centric rings is now available from Turn 14 Distribution. Project Kics is a member of the larger KYO-EI industrial corporation, which is located in Osaka,Japan. With a certifications and memberships including ISO, NAPAC and JAB, Project Kics assures the highest quality standards for their products. This product line will drop ship directly from the exclusive USA distributor, Mackin Industries, in Santa Fe Springs California.

Wheel Spacers

Project Kics wheel spacers are sold in pairs of two and are an easy way to bring wheels closer to the fenders or clear big brake calipers. Spacers are available for most popular Japanese applications and come in 10-30mm spacing. A majority of these spacers feature bolt-on design which include new studs and nuts to attach to the existing studs.


Project Kics offers a large assortment of lug nuts including open end, closed end, and locking designs. Some of their most popular lugs include the Racing Composite R26 and R40, Kyokugen, and Leggdura Lightweight Alloy lug nuts which are available in a variety of finishes. Project Kics R26 / R40 Lug Nuts feature an unique seven-sided, heptagonal design that consists of 2 pieces, where the top of the lug spin freely from the tapered centering ring. This ensures a much tighter and precise hold than traditional lug nuts. It also minimizes the chances of scratching your wheels. All Project Kics lug nuts include any needed lock sockets for correct installation. Most Project Kics lug nut sets are available in packs of (16) or (20) based on application. Please make sure to order correctly.


Project Kics hub centric rings are available in a large range of sizes and are constructed from CNC billet aluminum for safe installation of wheel spacers. These hub centric spacers are specifically made for Project Kics spacers and center the wheel on the hub to reduce high speed vibration. Sold in sets of (2).

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Spy Shots—2019 Chevrolet Camaro Testing In the Rockies


This is the ’19 Chevy Camaro, caught while testing in Colorado.

The Camaro will get a mid-cycle lift next year. Based on the camo on this prototype, the front and rear of the standard models will get some comprehensive changes from the A-pillar forward and at the rear.

To keep pace with the Ford Mustang, expect minor engine enhancements and more widespread use of the 10-speed automatic that is now offered on the ZL1. More technology features lifted from the Cadillac ATS are also likely to appear.

There is still the rumor of the return of the Z/28 on the sixth-generation Camaro, too.

Expect to see the revised Camaro next year.


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2019 Ford Ranger Spy Shots

What It Is: The return of the less-than-gigantic Ford pickup. Ford currently sells this mid-sizer just about everywhere except here. But that is about to change in response to the strong-selling Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. The Ranger will also spawn a new Ford Bronco SUV, which will offer some competition to the Jeep Wrangler. Broncos should arrive in 2020 with a starting price of $30,000.

Why It Matters: The sales potential is significant. Toyota has been quietly selling gobs of Tacomas—just shy of 180,000 in 2015. And GM sparked new life in the class, selling more than 100,000 Coloranyons last year. In its heyday, the Ranger shamed them all, selling nearly 350,000 in 1999.

Platform: Our Ranger will use the same body-on-frame construction as the truck sold elsewhere in the world. Like GM’s mid-sizers, it’s only slightly smaller than its big brother; the crew cab is actually longer than a base F-150. But GM has proved that even big small trucks can sell without cannibalizing sales from the full-size lineup.

Powertrain: The only engine currently offered in the global Ranger that would likely come to the American market is the 3.2-liter five-cylinder diesel. It’s available in the full-size Transit van and could help the Ranger take away the title of “most efficient pickup” from the 31-highway-mpg diesel Colorado/Canyon twins. Expect an EcoBoost four-cylinder as well as a naturally aspirated gas V-6 in the U.S. lineup. A diesel Bronco sounds pretty good to us, too.

Competition: Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma.

What Might Go Wrong: With the mid-size-truck market on the upswing and the Ranger nameplate’s widespread recognition, the only way this could derail is if Ford executives charge too much.

Estimated Arrival and Price: The 2019 model year, with base prices below $25,000.

Fadi Ajam

Who is Fadi Ajam

Fadi Ajam is the President and CEO of Xanatos Automotive, a growing automotive aftermarket company, based in New Hyde Park, NY.  A seasoned professional with more than 30 years of Managerial experience here in the US and abroad.

A little educational background on Fadi Ajam

Fadi was born in Btteram, Elkoura in 1965.  After High school, he left his home town to pursue University Studies here in the USA.  He graduated with post-graduate degrees in Production and Operation management and International Business.



Juventus host Monaco in the second leg of their Champions League semifinal on Tuesday (live, 2 p.m. ET on FS1). The Italians come into this one up 2-0 with two crucial away goals, so they’re squarely in the driver’s seat for this one. Monaco need at least two goals against a defense that hasn’t conceded in 10 hours and 20 minutes. If anyone can do it, it’s this high-flying, free-scoring Monaco team, and the Bianconeri will be well aware of the threat they possess.

What do Juventus need to do to hold on and earn a trip to the Champions League final?

Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller Sentenced to 1 Year, 1 Day in Prison for Bankruptcy Fraud Case

Abby Lee Miller‘s courtroom drama has come to an end.

On Tuesday, the Dance Moms star learned her fate after bankruptcy fraud case for the past year and a half, receiving a sentence of 1 year and 1 day in federal prison followed by 2 years supervised release.

The reality star was additionally fined $40,000 and ordered to pay $120,000 judgement and give a DNA sample relating to her felony charge.

While it remains to be seen how much of that sentence Miller, 50, will actually serve, multiple sources tell PEOPLE that she will realistically face 10 months in prison, followed by a stint at a halfway house.

In October 2015, Miller was charged with attempting to hide $775,000 of income from her Lifetime series and its spin-off, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, as well as multiple other projects during Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. She allegedly hid the money in secret bank accounts between 2012–13.

The reality star was also accused of divvying $120,000 into separate plastic bags and having friends carry them in their luggage in August 2014, which is in violation of a law mandating people report if they are bringing more than $10,000 of a foreign currency into the U.S.

In January, Miller agreed to forfeit the $120,000 Australian, the Associated Press reported.

“Throughout this case, Ms. Miller has taken both the allegations and the proceedings very seriously,” Miller’s attorney Robert Ridge previously told PEOPLE in a statement. “This has been a challenging time for Ms. Miller. She appreciates the words of encouragement and support from around the world.”Despite rising to fame as one of reality TV’s most controversial stars, Miller had been battling financial issues for years.

“Before the show, we’d be [at the studio] on a Saturday afternoon and sheriffs would come and post notices saying they were going to shut the studio down for unpaid taxes,” a hometown source of Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, previously told PEOPLE. “They would be pinning notes.”

(In her 2010 bankruptcy filing, Miller admitted to having $400,000 worth of unpaid taxes.)

Miller’s attorney told PEOPLE, “I can confirm that the studio was scheduled for sale for unpaid taxes.”

Despite the financial woes, Miller went about business per usual, promoting season 7 of Dance Moms — even traveling to the U.K. just nine days before her last sentencing hearing. (According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, on Feb. 10, Miller requested permission to travel for business to London from Feb. 16–20 and then on Feb. 21 to Newcastle, England.)

And, taking in the claims against her, the reality star told PEOPLE in April: “I made mistakes. I trusted people. But ultimately I have to take responsibility for those mistakes. I have to take the blame. I have to take the punishment.”

When confronted with the possibility of going to prison, Miller admitted to PEOPLE in April: “I’m afraid of being physically abused or raped. I have to stay busy. If I thought about it every day, I’d just sit around and cry.”

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SEMA Member Guide to the New Health Care Law

The “Affordable Care Act” is sowing confusion for many SEMA members. The new health care law is being phased-in over a number of years and January 2014 is the deadline for larger companies to offer coverage or pay a penalty.

This webpage is intended to provide both a general overview of the law and a comprehensive resource on specific issues.

It is not too soon for all companies to understand the law and plan accordingly. SEMA member companies are encouraged to review their current situation, speak with health insurance professionals and determine how to proceed.

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Acura Performance Parts by Fadi Ajam

Improve your driving excitement and boost your Acura’s power, speed, acceleration and handling with high-quality performance parts offered at

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Performance parts are meant to add horsepower and push your vehicle to its maximum capability. From air intakes and suspension systems to racing seats and performance chips – we have it all and much more to make functional or aesthetic improvement to your Acura. Some performance parts, like turbochargers, oil coolers, dual exhausts (if not factory-installed), will add functionality which simply didn’t exist previously. Other performance upgrades focus largely on aesthetic considerations, so it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your Acura.

Like mint jelly on a lamb chop, Acura has engineered the ideal mixture of posh luxury on top of a pulse-raising performance platform. From their flagship TL to their legendary NSX, Acura has developed a venerable stable of street machines since its inception in 1986. Likewise, CarTrix has amassed a massive assortment of top-notch Acura accessories at guaranteed low prices. Pick from high-flow Acura air filters, sturdy Acura trailer hitches, and custom Acura floor mats, just to name a few.

Before 1986, a Japanese luxury car just didn’t exist in the states. Sure, you could get a nice comfortable Honda or a pretty posh Datsun, but it wasn’t until ’86 when Honda delivered the Acura lineup to our shores that things began to get luxurious. That’s right, before Infiniti and Lexus were hatched; Acura was the one-man show cornering the entire segment. Starting with just 2 models, the Acura Legend and the Acura Integra, Acura instantly dominated the marketplace. The domination lasted so long that Acura took the first-place ranking on the Customer Satisfaction Index by J. D. Power and Associates for 5 straight years. At CarTrix, we love trend setters; so we stock our virtual shelves to the virtual ceiling with replacement Acura parts, custom Acura accessories and racy Acura performance gear. Make no mistake, when it comes to Acura parts and Acura accessories, CarTrix is your personal Acura supplier.

Some Acura models may have many performance parts available (sometimes dependent on the trim level). Out of the pool of available performance parts, we have narrowed down to the best parts available. The basic idea of performance parts is to optimize your Acura model’s chassis and engine to operate at its fullest potential. In regards to engine performance, the parts you can get for your engine range from something basic like a cold air intake to a more complex system such as a turbo kit or super charger kit.

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The extra power added by engine performance parts should also be complemented with chassis/suspension parts. The additions do not have to be done at once, Chassis/suspension parts for your Acura can be added on a later date, but a balance should be met to support the extra power. If you have any question in regards to the performance parts for your Acura, email us and let us know your questions.